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Automated ware washing

We at HYGEX go the extra mile to maximize the efficiency and results of your automated ware washing operations. Our state-of- the art dispensers and products, integrated with our engineering support service will provide you with a clean, sanitized and sparkling dishes and glasses. 


Super Concentrated dishmatic detergent

DUROMAX BASE SUPER CONCENTRATE is a heavy duty dish machine detergent. Effective in all water hardness conditions. Highly recommended for heavily soiled ware.

23 L
Concentrated dishmatic detergent

LD-50  CONCENTRATED dishmatic detergent is a blended liquid specifically  formulated for use in commercial dishwashing machines, Effective in all water hardness conditions.

20 L
Super concentrated dishmatic rinse aid

BRILLOMAX SUPER CONCENTRATE dish machine rinse aid that is specifically formulated to provide sparkling clean and spotless glasses, plasticware, dishes and silverware. Effective at high and medium...

26 L
Concentrated dishmatic rinse aid

LR-50  concentrated dishmatic  rinse aid is formulated using the latest wetting agents to provide the lowest surface tension for an improved filming properties while  speeding  up the dry- time ...

20 L
Concentrated dishmatic rinse aid

CRYSTALMAX  concentrated dishmatic  rinse aid with tolerance to hard water conditions, it is formulated using the premium wetting agents and acids to provide improved filming properties while ...

20 L
Concentrated delimer and scale remover

Concentrated  Descaler, delimer  , brightener & milkstone remover , removes milk stone, hard water scale  and rust carbon from stainless steel , glass  and plastic surfaces . Formulated with...

5 L
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HYGEX is a leading provider of complete & integrated industrial cleaning and sanitation systems designed to enhance the hygiene, health and safety in the sectors of hospitality, foodservice & healthcare.

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