Securing the health of your customers and the safety of your workers
Kitchen Hygeine

Disinfection and sanitation

HYGEX offers comprehensive disinfection & sanitation product system  to secure the    highest  hygiene standards in food production operations,  whether to convenient food   contact sanitation or to safer  antimicrobial fruits and vegetable washing  , our products are designed to secure the health of your customers and the safety  of your workers.


Concentrated sanitizer for food contact surfaces

Highly concentrated All-purpose surface & utensils sanitizer for food contact surfaces, formulated using two types of quaternary ammonium compounds for optimum disinfection and rinse- free...

20 L
GX-7- Advance
Antimicrobial fruit and vegetable wash

GX7- Advance is an ideal 3 minute rinse-free vegetable & fruit sanitizer formulated with active Hydrogen Peroxide & Peracetic acid . GX7-advance controls the growth of spoilage and Decay...

5 L
Broad spectrum disinfectant & sanitizer

SANI POWDER is a broad-spectrum detergent sanitizer for use on all surfaces including food contact surfaces, equipment and utensils requiring disinfection

SANI POWDER chlorine base provides...

10 Keg
Pine base disinfectant

Sanitol is a pine base all-purpose deodorizing sanitizer for walls and floors in kitchen surfaces; Sanitol provides effective sanitation against micro-organisms while delivering odor neutralizing...

5 L
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HYGEX is a leading provider of complete & integrated industrial cleaning and sanitation systems designed to enhance the hygiene, health and safety in the sectors of hospitality, foodservice & healthcare.

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