Dry lubricant for PET & aluminum can conveyor track lubricant


Dry lubricant for PET & aluminum can conveyor track lubricant

GlideTech-PD-6 is a ready to use food grade conveyor track dry lubricant (no dilution required) for the processing of aluminum can PET beverage containers .

GlideTech-PD-6 Provides highly effective lubrication to maintain production line efficiency while it minimizes water usage & effluent discharge volumes, reducing costs and environment impact where it also improves operator safety by minimizing the risk of slippery floors GlideTech-PD-6 biodegradable ingredients are non-Toxic and safe for the food and beverage industry, they are carefully formulated to be compatible with PET bottles on plastic conveyor tracks to deliver superior lubricity while it reduces the risk of PET stress cracking.

20 L

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