Sporicidal terminal disinfectant & rinse free sanitizer


Sporicidal terminal disinfectant & rinse free sanitizer

PeroxyCide   is a concentrated disinfectant and rinse free sanitizer  peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide    disinfecting agents to provide optimum protection and broad  spectrum anti-microbial activity against  bacteria, bacterial spores, viruses ,fungi, yeast   and moulds found in food & beverage processing establishments, slaughter houses and Livestock  farm Industries.                 

PeroxyCide   disinfecting agents are  biodegradable and non toxic , making suitable for  various disinfection  and rinse free  sanitizing applications required for surfaces,  equipment  and water treatments  required  in food & beverage processing  establishments, livestock farms and building,  slaughterhouses  using a multiple application methods  such circulation, fogging, spray washing  and dipping .

20 L

HYGEX is a leading provider of complete & integrated industrial cleaning and sanitation systems designed to enhance the hygiene, health and safety in the sectors of hospitality, foodservice & healthcare.

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