Universal spot removal series for professional spotting process. Contains a spatula, a brush and five labeled 250ml refill bottles for the 5 different one litre package spotters including


Blodex: Removes: beer, blood, cacao, chocolate, coffee, dye, marmalade, protein, milk, cream, sauce, sweat, urine and vomit

Tanex: Removes: beer, cacao, chocolate, coffee, cola, fruits, juice, leather, liquor, marmalade, red wine, tobacco, tannin, tea and vomit

Lacex: Removes:  ink, ball point-pen, chewing gum, cosmetics, dye, dye-stuff, fat, grease, felt-pen, glue, adhesives, lacquer, lipstick, liquor, marmalade, nail varnish, oil, oil paint, ointment, resin, sauce, shoe polish, soot, stamp ink, tar and wax

DetaSolv :Highly active spotting agent specific treatment of solvent soluble stains , it effectively  loosens oil, fat, resin , ink and adhesives , best to be combined with Lacex or Idekolin

Medex: Removes: button stain, cacao, coffee, cola, cosmetics, developer, dye-stuff, felt-pen, fruits, grass juice, leather, lipstick, liquor, marmalade, medicine, ointment, shoe polish, stamp ink, tannin, tea and urine

Ferex: Removes:  blood, button stain, metal, red wine, rust, soot and tar

Ideoklin: Highly – active special spotter for efficient removal of stains from varnish, ballpoint pen, lipstick, felt pen, shoe – polish

1 L

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