weekly preventive maintenance and servicing visits to sustain your cleaning and hygiene results.
Technical Support

Weekly preventive maintenance & servicing visits

In order to secure a total hygiene cleaning system, our technicians are scheduled to execute weekly preventive maintenance for all installed dispensers and dilution units to ensure proper functionality in providing the right chemical concentrations within effective and safe dilution ratios.  , additionally, the scope of Hygex servicing include a complete inspection of dishwasher and     laundry washers functions related to mechanical action, temperature, timing, water pressure ,water level and over all production to ensure optimum  results, whereby they will measure, test and record reading for water temperature, water hardiness, water TDS, detergent titration and sanitizers concentration related to chlorine, quats and peroxyacetic acid while providing a fully detailed technical site report for each visit. 

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HYGEX is a leading provider of complete & integrated industrial cleaning and sanitation systems designed to enhance the hygiene, health and safety in the sectors of hospitality, foodservice & healthcare.

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